• Andrew Everett

    Andrew Everett

    searching for the right words

  • John Alexander Williams

    John Alexander Williams

  • maria capitolina

    maria capitolina

    mas pode me chamar de capitu e agora também eu tenho um twitter

  • David Horgan

    David Horgan

    I am now retired and enjoy science fiction, PC games, python and reading theoretical physics especially about emergent spacetimes and quantum gravity.

  • Carla Santucci

    Carla Santucci

  • Jason Turk

    Jason Turk

    A writer! What am I writing about? Well, a lot of things, most of them being related to Screenwriting. Hope you like what you see!

  • Ray Lobo

    Ray Lobo

    Cuban American writer, philosopher, and film critic. I love foreign films, art films, and documentaries.

  • Jari


    Learning to truly give indulge in the things I love and care about. Each day is step towards my future, I just need to push myself there.

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